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im just wondering what kind of performance increase will be seen in getting PC3200 DDR memory at CL2 rather than CL3? mainly for games but also general stuff.

also does it make any difference getting a 1gb stick of ram or 2 512mb sticks of ram?

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  1. 1. Lower Cas Latencies are always better. I haven't seen any direct comparison between CL3 and CL2 but its expected to have a considerable boost in FPS, according to Tom's guides.

    2. Having two sticks of RAM is kinda better because you can make use of Dual Channel mode, which only works in pairs. But then again, you would need two sticks of the same brand and speed, not to mention a processor/motherboard which supports dual channel, in order to make full use of its advantages.

    PS: Dual Channel doubles the bandwidth of your memory, which is a good thing.

    Hope that clears up a bit.
  2. Expect a maximum 5% performance increase with CAS-2 vs. CAS-3.

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  3. anandtech has a nice roundup of memmory with comparisons of speed's / timmings

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