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I need to order a new keyboard for my Inspiron 3520 laptop(liquid spill) but am having trouble because of confusion with the model number. I bought it from about 4 months ago. Dell says they do not sell keyboards so I have to look elsewhere.

The model number on the back of my keyboard is MP-10K63US-442. However when I look to purchase a keyboard with this model number the Inspiron 3520 is not listed as a compatible model. When I did a search by Inspiron 3520, the keyboard model # I get is NSK-DX2SW.

I have no idea which model number to go by! Can anyone shed some light on this issue? I really would like to get a keyboard soon. Thanks!
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    Someties there is confusion about model numbers and when searching for the keyboard if you enter the model number on the keyboard what comes up is a replacement keyboard for a Dell laptop so that tells me it's the right one. It may just be listing newer models or older models and not all of them togethe.
  2. Thanks so much, inzone :hello: Got a new keyboard & it's working great. Plus it was under $20! :bounce:
  3. Good to hear you were successful with fixing your laptop.
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