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Few simple steps to follow, when you lose your mobile

Last response: in Mobile Computing
January 29, 2013 7:57:22 AM

#1 Immediately call/visit your telephone operator and block your SIM card and request for new one

#2 Find out IMEI No, it could be found in bill or on mobile box; it’s a 15 digit no;
(its always recommended to store IMEI at some safe place so that you can have it when you need in emergency, you can store in your diary or in you personal computer and now you can also store it in, which also gives you option to report it to centralized database when “lost or missed”, because they also have used gadget buyers coming to for checking used mobile’s authenticity so you will be intimated if anybody have found your mobile while somebody was trying to sell it; IMEI is generally in the battery compound which can be seen after removing battery or by typing “*#06#”.)

#3 Lodge a police complains in near by police station.

#4 Report as lost in’s centralized database of lost gadget as soon as it will be found by their network of used gadget buyer, you will be intimated with appropriate location and other details.

#5 Wait for any of them to respond and then take appropriate action