HI I dont have a DELL but how much is my custom comp worth

HI I dont have a DELL by the way I have a custom built computer. I going to sell it on ebay and the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers butt I dont know how much to sell it for. My computer guy that put it all together says the tower is at least $1.800 with the parts and his labor he put into it. My gaming computer has a x1950xt 256mb 2gigs of ocz highspeed ram, 525watts of power supply, amd athlon 64 3800, crossfire motherboard, and a xgbox viper 2 gaming case.
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  1. If your computer guy thinks so highly of it, do like I did and sell it to him. I personally don't think you'll get over $1000 for it on Ebay, not for an AMD 3800 processer, even with the 1950 xtx.
  2. hahaha that is worth like £50 you got owed!
  3. I can build a brand new system with the same GPU and an Athlon X2 3800+ for less than $600 excluding shipping and the monitor.

    The case is a matter of personal taste. I think the Viper 2 is "fugly".
  4. you should probably sell it to someone with no computer know-how like a relative, who won't notice the difference between a 3800 and a 3800 x2, because ebay isn't that good for something like that, and btw who is your computer guy? when did he last read a hardware review?
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