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I have Nexus 7 with Gmail App and want to print using Cloud Print. Everything is installed and Cloud Print tests OK, but can\'t find way to trigger print in Gmail (no button). What am I missing (besides the button)?

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  1. Do you have file , view ,tools and help options in the Gmail ? f you do then you can do file>print.
  2. If when you open the Gmail message and select the settings button there should be a print option there.
  3. I agree with what you suggest when on Windows on PC and Gmail, but on the Gmail App there is no print link or option, no file option, no view, etc. Possibly there is a setup issue (I using Nexus 7, latest Android), but think I have checked every menu there is to no avail.
  4. I have the HTC Rezound and it's running Android ICS , I just went into my Gmail and opened a mail , then I went to the bottom edge of the phne where there are four permenent sensor buttons , Home , Settings , Return and Search. While the mail is open I press the settings button and a list of options comes up with print being one of the options. While typing this post I decided to try what I'm suggesting since I have not previously printed from my phone.
    I went into my Gmail and selected and opened an email and that may be the key as it has to be open. While the email was open I selected the sttings option and at the bottom of the pop up list was print , so I selected it to print. I was presented with a seies of steps to set up my phone to use the wireless router to connect to the printer I have and it took just 5 min. Then I was able to print the email.
  5. From the Cloud Print program help file:

    "Currently you can only print attachments from the Gmail app. If you want to print the body of the email please use K9 or copy and paste the text to Cloud Print, using the internal notepad."
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