WD Raptor question on size and power

I just wanted to clarify the actual size of the WD Raptor 74 GB hard drive. Is it the same size as a normal 80 gig drive (80,000,000,000 bytes = 74.5 GB) or did they measure GB in trillions of bytes like other hard drives making it's actual size 68.9 GB?

Also, I was wondering if my 420W power supply is going to get overloaded by adding the WD Raptor SATA drive. My system is an Athlon 2600+, 2 IDE hard drives, 2 CD/DVD drives, Radeon 9800 Pro, and 4 case fans. Will it be okay to add the SATA drive or should I remove one of my old IDE hard drives to help save power consumption? It would be nice if I could keep it, but my older one is only 40 GB so I could do without it if necessary or if anyone could advise what wattage power supply I should have to be able to keep everything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Quote:
    I was wondering if my 420W power supply is going to get overloaded by adding the WD Raptor SATA drive

    What are your current rails?

    -12 etc...

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  2. all hard drive companies that i know of use the cheater method of determining hard drive space. technicaly one gig is 1024 megs, but they use the one gig = 1000 megs so they get to say it has 80, or 74.6 in this case but its less.

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  3. My 74 GB raptor shows up as 69.2 GB in windows.

    No it won't. Hard drives take a decent amount of power (20 W IIRC) to spin up, and use only 5W idle. You can check wd's site for more accurate info though.

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  4. Wow, my Raptor shows up as 69.2 gb also. [/spooky!]

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