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I've got a work colleague who is after a laptop that can perform video-editing tasks on football matches recorded on camera. Editing would involve recording of a complete match, reducing it down to a six minute highlight package for the clubs own website and a further reduced 1-2 minute package for emailing to the overseeing body.

I know the rough ins-and-outs for video-editing but am a gamer, so am opening this one out to the community. What sort of specs would he be looking at? He needs it as cheap as possible (don't we all!) and an informed answer would be great. Thanks, all.
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  1. The problem with video editing and laptops is the amount of ram that a laptop can hold and it is unliks a desktop where you can get large amounts of ram installed. It would also require a high end cpu and a discrete video card. What your looking at is a fairly expensive laptop.
    He would be able to get a desktop for about half the amount and be able to do the video editing with ease and get a good selection of cpu's and video cards along with what ever amount of ram that he needs with the option to add more if needed.

    Just for an example of what you can get you can go to te web sites of some of the larger laptop makers and run through thier laptop configurer and see what you can come up with. You actualy get to build your laptop on the web page and then if you like it you can order it the way you built it, or you cna look for a laptop with those spec's and see what you can fiond for a low price.
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