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Looking for a windows 8 hybrid

Hey all, I'm looking for a windows 8 hybrid to use for all around purposes, and though I don't expect much performance from it but am looking for something with dedicated graphics (not an integrated chip) that can run a lot of newer games at least on lower settings, (I have a rig at home that I primarily use but am looking for something that I can use on the go) I know theirs probably nothing out at this moment that meets my criteria but is there anything coming out relatively soon?
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  1. Are you looking for a laptop ? When you say Windows 8 Hybrid what exactly do you mean ? Some kind of tablet ?
  2. basically a windows 8 tablet that also has a keyboard. kind of like the lenevo flip or sony vaio duo, but of course with dedicated graphics
  3. I have not heard of a tablet with dedicated graphics , I think the form factor is such that with tablets being even thinner than laptops it will be hard to manufacture a graphics card to fit. I'm sure that they are working on it and a company like Nvidia with thier Tegra chip will most likely come out with something of a combination cpu/gpu that will be as good as a seperate video card.
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    The only tablet I've heard of that would possibly have a dedicated graphics chip is the 14" Asus Transformer Book. It was one of three products demoed by Asus last fall. However, no new as to when it will be released, or if it will even go into production. The 11.6" Asus Transformer Book was also demoed, but it does not have dedicated graphics and like the 14" version, no release date nor production date.

    The 13.3" Asus Transformer Book is being released soon, but it has no dedicated graphics card. I think the price is estimated to be $1,300.00 for the Core i5 version and $1,500 for the Core i7 version.
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