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I have been looking around at some laptops that come with Vista installed on them. I read in reviews on some of them that running XP on them is a bad idea because they can over heat.

Comments like:
"Windows XP and Linux will be a problem because those OSs lack power management options to keep this CPU cooler... You simply can't let this CPU run at full 2000 MHz all the time - it will overheat the whole system"

"XP and Linux do not have native support FID/VID control so you stuck with Vista power management (“Balanced” option)."


"Drivers are coded to work with a specific OS.
Since XP was never included with that model notebook, drivers were never made for XP.
You installed a legacy OS that was never intended to run on that hardware that was delivered with Vista. "

The laptop I am considering is this:

Does anyone else have an opinion on this matter?
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  1. Vista is superior to XP in almost every regard. It's not really worth the downgrade.

    Anyway, XP does support CPU throttling and power profiles, but it's a much less exact science over Vista. Your CPU will probably not fry itself, though.
  2. Thanks. Anyone else?
  3. anyone?
  4. I installed XP on an Acer 5315 and it runs fine. The problem you may have is locating XP drivers for your various components. I'm not a power user and don't use the battery that much, so mine doesn't get that hot at all. What I did was buy another HDD and installed XP on it. So I still have the HDD with Vista if I ever want to switch back.

    Good Luck!
  5. I installed XP pro on a Toshiba A205 series computer - Runs fine, Did have to locate drivers but between HW venders and toshiba found all.

    Question - Why do you need XP (Myself I prefered over vista and needed for older programs) But, You might go with Win 7 - I installed Win 7 RC (Freebe and works up to March 2010) on my new Toshiba A305-S6905. Did not have to locate a single driver. Paid $560 at BB and Store manager said they would give me a free coupond for Win 7 when they start giving them out (should be this coming week, But Win 7 will not be available till end of Oct.)

    Not sure what you are planning on using Laptop for, but I would go with the Core 2 Duo T6400 vs the core Duo. Also If you plan on upgrading the internal DVD drive to a Blu-ray Drive You need to look at ease of changing it out. And if the drive is Pata or Sata.

    I swapped out my DVD drive in the A205 by removing one screw and the memory cover. Also it was a Pata interface and the replacement drive was only about $80. The Newer A305 is SATA and a blu-ray repacement drive is like >$200, But simple to replace - Same as A205. When drive price drops to where it should be I'll probably replace it. However the L355 line (assume the A355 line is the same) it is a MAJOR undertaking too replace the DVD drive.
  6. It is a significant indicator of your daft brain capacity to even mention Vista.
    While Gamers and Film/Sound producers are getting the same thing done with
    XP pro as always...for eample. You are belching gas about an OS that was crap when
    I watched it being demonstrated at an IT consultant seminar and watched it hog
    resources and struggle while waiting for drivers....The MS marketing plan seems to
    have involved selling an unfinished product and then offering (quietly) downgrades
    to XP.

    Manufacturing Corps...take this laptop...My Army brother bought the toshiba A205
    and learned that he couldnt run some pretty simple games and had heat problems.
    DESIGN ERROR and VISTA NOT NOT NOT managing cooling/POWER at all!!!

    LAPTOPS DEMAND better cooling...let's stop making these things to burn out in six
    months...a laptop should be as resilient as a desk top/tower. I can modify any pc
    to do anything anyone else is doing...but when will the manufacturers do the same?

    As run your mouth and youre wrong...spend your cash - way too much
    ...and I end up fixing your pc.
  7. Not sure what planet you’re from. Impressing me as being in the IT Profession – NOT. I doubt very seriously I would ever need your help in fixing my PCs. I work on rack mounted Computers dedicated to controlling Satellite Instruments. This includes 3 P-90 computers running windows 3.11. I have built my own computers since my 386-SX. I currently have 3 laptops; a 7 Yr old Compaq (XP) which I disassembled to replace the CMOS battery, and two Toshibas (A205 and A305) both of which are running Win 7 RC. NO Problems running my windows 98 O’Scope capture program using a serial to USB converter.
    If you look at some of my older posts you will find that I preferred XP over vista, primarily (1) bloat (2) driver problems (3) DRM inclusion. The first thing I did when I bought the A205 was to replace the HDD and load XP which was a pain but worth it. Windows 7 is much improved over vista – No hunting around for drivers and performance is on par with XP. (Note netbooks come with XP as bloat in Vista overwhelms weak netbooks, but Win 7 is suppose to run on netbooks.
    Apologize for having too much money, BUT even I would not buy an A205 for gaming!!

    PS I have a son who is an IT manager and another son who is a EE, a part owner in an Engineering company and does all the design work for steaming video. So again why would I need Your Half A** help – suggest an attitude adjustment!!
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