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Hi All,

Did a lot of research over the past month but now I'm at a point where some advice would be handy. As many people I'm looking to replace my desktop with something more mobile. I primarily need it for development - so windows based, Visual Studio 2010+, Sql Server 2008+. So far the strongest contender is Lenovo Yoga 13. I was also waiting for Asus Transformer Book but it seems that likely won't be out for some time to come. Asus is also staying awfully quiet and there are bad rumours about their after sales customer support.

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone can advise me if Yoga is the thing to go for or if there is something else on the way and worth waiting for. My criteria is in this order:
- form factor: 13.3 inch, up to 14 inch if it comes with discrete graphics
- processing power: ideally quad core i7 but dual core will do as well. Don't really care about battery life as long as it's over 3 hours - I'd honestly prefer a higher powered i7.
- RAM: 8 Gb 1600 min, anything extra is a plus - required because of virtual machine's while testing
- Storage: SDD, min 256 Gb. Ideally there would be a secondary hdd/ssd - this is why I liked Transformer Book
- Touch and convertible - if yes, then windows 8 makes sense, else windows 7.
- Dedicated graphics - again battery life is not as important to me because the machine would be plugged in most of the time, except while commuting (never over 1.5 hours). Because I would also like to play some more sophisticated games.
- Connectivity: biggest requirement here is to connect to two external monitors with decent resolution, either using a docking station or integrated display ports. I found the USB 3.0 Lenovo dock conditionally works with yoga. Having a dedicated LAN port is also a big plus (thinking of transformer book again). At least two USB 3.0 ports would be nice too.
- Peripherals: no need for CD/DVD
- Budget: up to £1500. Higher end Yoga is currently available for £1150 which is a really good price for the machine. Also have to budget for any dock required.

If you know of anything better coming out in the next month it might be worth waiting for.
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  1. No convertible / hybrid laptop has dedicated graphics.

    The only one which has been demoed is the 14" Asus Transformer Book, but no info if it is going to ever be produced. Price might be a factor. The 13.3" Asus Transformer Book will be released this year; probably by March / April. At least in the US the speculated price is $1,300 (Core i5) and $1,500 (Core i7)... and it only comes with 4GB of RAM.
  2. Hi Jjaguarskx, thanks for your thoughts. Agree that Transformer is a lacking on the memory side of things. And it's what's putting me off. I'm back to the waiting game as Lenovo has taken the model I wanted of their UK page - just when I wanted to place and order. Having had a look at their community forums there are a lot of fuming customers who have placed orders only to be informed delivery was delayed - some cases couple times.

    What's the issue with all the windows 8 tables? Seems like every single manufacturer is having trouble actually shipping them. No such issues with Android or Apple tables. They've had enough time to work out any issues with the OS by now, surely? Perhaps it's just too early to be adopting convertibles and Windows 8 mobile machines in general.
  3. I have the same desire, and spent many days and hours in searching for a solution. NONE the newest '2-in-1' releases, including those from CES last month, include dedicated graphics. Even those mentioned above have the HD4400 (not game capable) or the HD5100 (barely better), because its the best match to Haswell i7 (4th gen). I rolled back to very-light ultrabook and found the high-end Dell XPS 15 or the Samsung Ativ Book 8 (aka Series 7) to be very good. A few hours with an Excel spreadsheet and www.notebookcheck.net will make your decision more clear. Often, it's not the destination you remember, it's the journey!
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