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Hi all, my son followed a link on FB and now has a completely white screen on both normal and safe mode. If I swap users then I get normal windows back. Any thoughts before I restore from a backup? Mainly how to stop it happening again? Suspecting Virus of some kind. We're using MSE, Win 64 HP.
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  1. that kind of infection is called a "drive by download" or "Black hole Exploit".
    These types of attacks take advantage of out of date software with Vulnerabilities, Most commonly the software is 1. Java and 2. adobe reader and flash.
    the best protetction is education, Fbi's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

    I would like to tell you that there is a piece of software that will prevent this, but every day hackers pump out hundreds of new viruses, and software comes out that opens new holes in our computers. (ie Researcher digs up another zero-day Java bug)
  2. Thanks for the reply, will read the guide, I am fairly clued up (been for a while like you), but this was an odd one.

    Did a malware bytes scan from another account on the machine, came up with nothing.

    Restored from the daily backup, actually quicker than doing any of the scans.
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