M17 vs. m15x

I'm looking at two laptops I was wondering which one will perform better at playing games like FSX and Crysis?


-15.4" 1440x900 LCD
-512 MB Geforce 9800 GT
-Intel core 2 Duo 2.5 Ghz (6mb cache, 800 mHz FSB)
-Vista 64 bit
-4Gb Dual Channel DDR@ SO-DIMM at 667 mHz
-160GB 7,200 RPM (8mb cache)


-17" 1440x900 LCD
-Dual 512mb Ati mobility radeon hd 3870 - crossfire
-Intel core 2 T955 2.66 Ghz (6mb cache, 1066 FSB
-Vista 64 bit
-4 GB Dual Channel DDR3-SO DIMM at 1066 mHz
-160 GB 7,200 RPM (8mb cache)

I cant decide between the two laptops because the m15x has Geforce which is good at crysis but the m17 has faster FSB and ddr3 ram at 1066 mhz, plus the faster cpu.

PS. both laptops cost the same so this is why im asking thx.
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  1. The dual 3870's will beat out the 9800m GT. m17 all the way on this one.

    Check these out as well:

    Sager NP8662: http://www.sagernotebook.com/product_customed.php?pid=160092
    15.4'' like the M15x, same CPU, DDR3 RAM and a Geforce GTX 260M

    Sager NP5797: http://www.sagernotebook.com/product_customed.php?pid=129131
    17'' screen like the M17, similar CPUs, DDR3 RAM, Geforce GTX 280M
  2. OK does everyone else agree with you?
  3. Yes, we do. The Sagers are the better options, IMO.
  4. Sagers are better in terms of build quality,price/performance ....
    Comparing their VGAs,well 2 HD 3870s perform like 2 Nvidia 8800MGTX in SLI,so they may even beat 1 GTX 280M/GTX 260M in some games.

    therussian747,what is your budget? tell us and we can help u more
  5. I'm looking for the best i can get under $1,900
  6. For that budget go for either AW M17 or SAGER NP5797
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