help installing cd burner?

well, I know a little about computers, but not enough for this simple job, apparently.
put a couple computers together, but that was years ago.

I'm trying to install this cd burner, which I thought would just plug in, but when I try to access it, my computer locks up.
my computer does recognize it as drive d, and I THINK I've got the master/slave jumper set right.
I'm pretty sure the hardware's ok --- any suggestions?

win98se, via chipset?
it's an old ibm 300gl, and I'm trying to install a btc cd burner model bce 62ie.
just 2 drives --- my harddrive and this burner.
the cd-rom I pulled out worked fine.



my 2 drives are on 2 separate cables using 2 separate controllers.
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  1. ok, now it doesn't lock up, but it does nothing for a couple minutes and then tells me that the drive is not accessible -- drive not ready.
  2. Could be defective, or jumpered wrong.

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  3. Or maybe a BIOS problem for this burner? Did you use the new IDE cable that came with the burner? Don't use the old one.


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