Saitek GM3200 ingame problem

Hi guys, after coming back from the computer store with my brand new 3200 DPI mouse, I was ready to frag it up in CS:S. However, there is a major problem while using this mouse ingame.

In CS:S whenever I move my mouse in a quick movement (past a certain speed) it will not instantly point to the distance I moved it. Instead, it will slowly move across at one constant speed, until reaching the point it should normally have instantly jumped to, usually happening long after I had stopped moving the mouse. It dosn't matter what direction I have moved, and I have downloaded the mouse_fix aswell as removing acceleration from the game. As long as the mouse is being used in a cursor manner, it works fine, only when it is used to change POV and such will it do this.

I have also tested it in other games like Oblivion and the same problem arrives, so it has nothing to do with any particular game. And since it does not do this in cursor mode, I suspect it dosn't have anything to do with the hardware or the USB connection. Therefore it would probably be due to the drivers, of which I tried the drivers directly off the CD, and after removing them, I tested the drivers from saitek's website. I am running on 64-bit windows, and using the correct drivers.

Any help will be appreciated, as I hope to salvage something from the 60 something dollars I had spent on a gaming mouse which does not work ingame.
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  1. hi,
    i have same mouse with same problem... what is a solution?
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