Windows 7 OEM and drivers installation

I'm having trouble installing drivers on my recently assembled custom PC. After turning the computer on, I inserted the Windows 7 disk and it loaded the files. Shortly after, it asked me to insert the CD with the drivers associated with the computer. I inserted the motherboard driver CD but it wasn't recognized. The CD/DVD ROM obviously works because it recognized the Windows 7 disk. I'm not sure what the problem is.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Please help.

System Specifications:
CPU: Intel Pentium E6700 Dual core 3.2ghz
HDD: Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM
Case: NZXT Guardian 921 RB
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  1. Ok I'll try it. Although I don't see why the driver on the disk it came with won't work.
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    did you try the auto execute on the cd also look if there is nothing wrong like under where the lens read it
  3. There are 4 drivers for Win7 64-bit, do I need all of them? And there are also 4 bios for 64-bit and 1 software app.
  4. scout_03 said:
    did you try the auto execute on the cd also look if there is nothing wrong like under where the lens read it

    I used the same external CD ROM on the laptop i'm currently using and it was recognized, so the apparently the CD is fine. I don't know what you mean by auto execute.
  5. the auto exec is when you explore the cd and start the set up file,sometimes cd reader act in a strange way
  6. I was able to transfer the files on the driver CD to a USB using my laptop and I also downloaded the files online but still no success.

    Someone please help, I'm getting desperate.
  7. mabey I shouldn't be using an external usb dvd drive?
  8. i read you last answer did this usb external cd drive need driver and does it been detect correctly under peripheral and printer
  9. No, the usb cd writer doesn't need a driver. I looked in the BIOS and its detected
  10. did you check under peripheral for the usb if there is a ? mark somewhere
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  12. Well I guess the usb cd rom was being inresponsive or something. everything worked out when i got my internal cd rom, =)
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