Ivy retrieve my photos on my pc after deleting them from recycle bin deletion bu

Hello, I Have Just Retreved my Photos back on my PC after deletion from recycle bin?..However! Only 3 of the photos are ok to view and have actually come back in vision..the other 400 or so are just numbers & letters No Vision? and if i try to view them windos tells me they cant because the file may be corupt?....NEEDHELP!
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  1. You just learned the hard way why back ups of important files is important. At the moment the Recycle Bin is emptied all of the space is marked as available. Almost immediately some of that space is overwritten. The longer you run, the more that gets overwritten. Once the data is overwritten it's gone.
  2. ^+1 You always need backups
  3. try http://www.piriform.com/recuva/builds
    it may be able to recover the files.
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