It's between Dell 2405FPW & 2407WFP?

The 2407 is the newer model, but is it the better one? Of course the older is a little less expensive. Anyone have any experience with these monitors? I'll mostly be using it for internet browsing, HL2 and Crysis, and gaming. Some DVD viewing and videos.

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  1. IIRC, the 2407 is HDCP compliant and the other not, but am not sure at all. I suggest you google it.
  2. The 2407 is the latest and currently best product offering...
  3. The 2405 is not a good one but the 2407 which i just got today is great.
    You get what you pay for dont waste your money with the lower end one
    Dont forget its not a graphic card it will last much longer without having to upgrade it :wink:
  4. all right 24" snob... :wink: The 2405 is the earlier versions of the 2407 thus has been superseded and no longer in production...

    But I have the 2405 and it too is a great display. Similar to the 2407, but to get optimal output, it requires user color calibration and then looks great I assure you...
    Also the older version has a bit more lag, but it is more than acceptable...
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