Aspire 5315

need a driver for ethernet controller please help
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  1. Is it a Broadcom? if so I can e-mail it to you.
  2. i dont know i dont even know where to look to see i have a aspire 5315-2077
    im new to the lap tops so any help would help
  3. OK, select 'start', 'my computer', 'view system information', 'hardware', 'device manager', 'network adapters'. What is listed there?
  4. theres nothhing there and then theres other devices and it says ethernet controller with a big yelloe explanition mark and it has a ethernet card in it
  5. I forgot to ask, which OS are you using?
  6. -home premium-vista ulitmate
    i just got this laptop so i know nothing about it it didnt come with any disk
    and i cant get a windows installer in it either to use anything like driver detective
    or anything
  7. oops vista ulitmate but on the lap top it says windows vista basic but in syatem it says vista ulitmate so maybe it was up graded
  8. I found your driver! Search for 'acer ethernet driver' using yahoo. Select '', select 'drivers and downloads', select 'notebooks', select 'aspire', select '5315', select OS 'windows vista ultimate x32', select 'LAN broadcom' download driver, click on it to unzip and double click on executable to install.

    Let me know how it goes. :)
  9. i love you thank you ive been working on this for days i am so gratefull
    thank you very much for all your help
  10. Aww shucks ma'am, you're welcome!
  11. ChuckB_38 said:
    Aww shucks ma'am, you're welcome!

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