Can't locate the graphic card after installing vista

Hello Everyone ,

I just installed my vista on my laptop that is the latest version but when my desktop comes and i check for the drives it shows that i have a VGA driver installled in place of graphic card but on my laptop i have 256mb graphic card on board but on vista i can't locate it so is there any solution that i can install the graphic driver without locating the hardware is this possible can anyone help me out with this problem

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  1. Need more info! What kind of PC, what OS are you replacing? If you have the driver have you tried 'adding hardware' procedure?
  2. I am using a laptop its

    Product :- Compaq Presario V3500
    S/N - 2CE8082B0X

    when i am install the windows vista 64bit on my latop its doesn't recognize the on board graphic card which is nvidia 7150 and when i try to install the graphic card driver its doesn't find the card on my laptop so if you could help me and one more thing is that this laptop came with vista home edition lisence edition so there it takes the graphic card driver easily but its doesn't recognize the card on 64bit os any help !!!

  3. I checked the Compaq website and the driver for Vista home and Vista 64 are the same
    for all the 3500 series. Nvidia GeForce 8M series. Try downloading from there.
  4. I tried to install it but still won't work as that's the problem ............
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