D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE issues and Windows Aero not working!

Hello Everyone!

create device failed
Error code: 0x8876086A
DX9AllocatorPresenter failed


This was the error I received for many months when I attempted to play a game or watch a video through Media Player Classic.
At the same time, I always got the error that Windows Desktop Manager had stopped working upon start-up, so I had no access to Windows Aero et al. Basically, the errors went hand in hand with each other.

Then after a while, the computer began freezing after 20 minutes of use. So now, even if I went and used Driver Sweeper to remove all old drivers for the GPU, and installed fresh drivers, the computer would freeze within 20 minutes of use. (Previously to that, a fresh install guaranteed no problems atleast for a week)

I finally decided it had to be a GPU error, so I sent in the GPU for repair at ASUS. I still haven't received it back, but in the meanwhile, installed an old BFG 7800GTX I had lying around to have a temporary computer.


What do I do now? Clearly it means it's not the GPU's fault. Is it the RAM? The Motherboard? Maybe not enough power to the system? I'm at a complete loss, and really need help!

Please help! I appreciate any advice.

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  1. I should no also add that when I go to My Computer, and click on System Properties, computer hangs, saying

    Windows Explorer has stopped working

    And then it goes ahead and re-starts Windows Explorer. In this way, I am unable to even open System Properties now.

    OH DEAR...
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