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"Windows System has Stopped Working" Popup window

September 13, 2012 2:51:52 AM

Hello everybody, this is a first-time post, so please bare with me. I also hope I'm posting it in the right category.

Recently, whenever I'm using my PC (win7, 64-bit) A little window pops up saying "Windows System has stopped working, A problem caused the system to stop working correctly. Please close the program." And right underneath it is a button to select [Close the Program] And every time I do the window goes away for a few minutes but then pops up again. And if I leave it alone sometimes a second, third, fourth, and at one point fifth windows will be open displaying the exact same thing.

The problem is that it's not really doing anything noticeable, I don't have any other programs running other than Google Chrome (and it's not affecting it any.)

I want to know if anyone else has encountered this, and if it's Actually harming my computer, or actually letting me know that my pc is already infected with something..

It's getting really bothersome.