Acer Aspire 6935G - Speaker problem

I bought Acer Aspire 6935G and is very satisfied with it, however one problem is bothering me:

Sometimes my speakers distort the sound coming from the computer, and it sounds AWFUL!
It can happen anytime, wheter I am listing to music or just browsing my files. (the click-sound gets distorted)

I've tried the following:
* Changed drivers
* 3 different OS (XP,Vista and W7)
* Reset to factory settings (Vista)

I've found some ways of fix the problem temporarly:
* Restart the machine
* Just ignore the bad sound, and countinue using it, and the distoreted sounds goes away after about 15 min
* Change sample rate, anyone would do

But the distortion just keeps coming back :/

If I connect headphones or a set of speakers when the distortion is present, I can't hear the AWFUL sound :na:

I've currently uinstalled all drivers from Realtek, and currently use the standard audio driver Windows installed afterwards. Now the distortion has stopped, but sadly I can't use 5.1 sound. Therefore I need to get the real drivers work.

I¨m suspecting it may be the subwoofer thats causes the problem?^^

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  1. same problem here also with a 6935g...I think you're right about it being the subwoofer as that is what it sounds like to me. can't offer any solutions though I sometimes find that playing a few different things on youtube makes it correct itself. maybe it's an audio codec problem?? it does sound bloody awful though I agree!

    I'm trying windows 7 now but can't get any drivers for launchmanager so can't use the cinedash controls - also can't get the a309/10 tvcard software to load properly but I don't want to go back to vista as it's so bad!
  2. Ive now been using the standard audio driver that windows installs. It work good, and the problem is non-consistent:) So I'm certain that its a driver problem :(

    Can't help you with the tv-card charliepie, put I got my Cinedash controls working in Windows 7:) Just download Launch Manager for Vista from Acer. Install WITH compability mode set to Vista :)
  3. same problem with my acer aspire 6935g .....what can we do ?........only the subwoofer its creating theat terible noise can turn off from sounds- speakers-propertis-levels-internal subwoofer....! pls let me know if you guys fix the problem definitive!!! thx
  4. I had the same problem and tried everything you have stated. I phoned acer direct and they told me to flash the bios with the latest bios update 1.13 it should 4.3MB from acer's website. However when I did this windows would not boot after flashing and its a simple case of restalling windows after that + drivers ect. I have not had a problem since. I hope this helps but still a word of warning flashing the bios can fail. Btw I reinstalled it with windows 7.
  5. I had flashed the latest bios and the problem its not gone same horrible sound
  6. what is causing the problem is the internal subwoofer ... u can go to the playback settings and turn it off by the slider ... you may not need to turn it off maybe just down a little

    i had the same problem and thats what i done and the noise has dissappeared ... you should still be able to choose 5.1 only thing missing will be the woofer

    to get to these setting you click on the speeker icon on the start bar and then select playback devices ... choose ur speakers and just click configure and just turn it down or set it to a level which is not noise
  7. Hey,

    I was incredibly annoyed by this problem myself (by the way, I don't believe it is purely a driver problem as the sound is fine on my external speaker set). I played around with the Realtek HD Audio Manager for a bit trying to minimize it and here's the settings that I ended up with:

    First, to access the Audio Manager (which I assume everyone with this laptop has installed), go to the Control Panel and, while viewing by category, select Hardware and Sound and, at the bottom, open the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

    Now, I set the follow settings:

    In the main volume control area under the main three tabs, Ear Protection (button with ear-icon on it to the right) is NOT enabled.
    Note: I chose not to disable anything in the Windows sound options (like the internal subwoofer suggested earlier in this thread).

    Digital Output tab

    Sound Effects subtab

    Environment: <None>
    Loudness Equalization: Enabled
    Equalizer: Powerful (guess this is kind of a personal choice depending on the music you listen to)

    Default Format subtab

    Default Format: Dolby Digital Live (5.1 Surround)

    Speakers tab

    Speaker Configuration subtab

    Speaker Configuration: 5.1 Speaker
    Optional Speakers: Enable Center, Subwoofer, Side pair (Rear pair is presumably unavailable)
    Swap Center / Subwoofer Output: Disabled
    Enable Bass Management: Enabled

    Sound Effects subtab

    (should be the same as Digital Output > Sound Effects)

    Room Correction subtab

    Enable Room Correction: Disabled

    Default Format subtab

    Default Format: 24 Bits, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) - the lowest on the drop-down list

    Don't click the buttons below after setting the above option.

    Microphone tab

    (no applicable settings)

    That was all. This really helped for me to get rid of most of the sound distortion and get the best quality. Let me know if this also works for you!

  8. (sorry for double-post, unable to edit previous message)

    I just noticed that this topic is for the Acer Aspire 6935G, heh. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 7738G.

    Perhaps mine is a completely different problem or it could be the same. In any case, still hope my message it useful to someone :)
  9. I too had a 6930g laptop, went back to PC-world 7 times and ACER just replaced the main speakers first couple of times, then they replaced the subwoofer and then it was away for 5 weeks came back with some of the panels missing off the back and then PC-World kindly wrote it off. I got an upgrade to a 8735g free of charge and that does it too. Guess I will be calling ACER up to find out what the hell is going on with these subwoofers.
  10. just for the record i get this problem on my acer 8730g. it stops distorting when i change from 5.1 to internal speakers and vice versa when i go back to 5.1 from internal speakers. funnily enough it can re-appear when i open other software that uses audio eg windows media centre. i have never over driven the speakers and to add evidence that it isn't a broken speaker it all sounds so sweet inc sub woofer when i switch settings. could it be that codecs operating simultainiously increase the audio output and, therefore, 'overdrive' the speaker to distort? (running windows 7 pro)
  11. I know this thread is becoming a little old now, but I think I've found the solution. The problem however isn't a driver issue, atleast it dosen't seem this way. I just stumbled upon this solution, when I tried to find a solution to low game perfomance.

    The answer is Throttlestop. It is really a program to prevent the CPU to slow down. This does affect all the BLUEGEM-series (6920, 6935, 8920, 8935 etc.)
    It's NOT DANGEROUS or anything, it's just solves a major problem on this line of laptops (more about it here):

    However the funny thing is it seems like it also has solved my speaker problems. I don't know how it's releated, but I have not heard any distortion since I started to use it, except from when I don't use Throttlestop.

    Long I have used the offical Realtek driver, which is not as good as the offical Acer-custom driver (The Acer driver gives louder and better sound), but no more. Installed the newest available driver from Acer for Windows 7 and I'm not experiencing any distiortion.

    Also you should ensure that the latest BIOS is installed as it also can solve many problems (1.20 in my case, 6935g) Clean your laptop atleast every half-a-year, it is easy in these series of laptops so it shouldn't be any excuse. Throttlestop also monitors temps, and my CPU dropped by 20 degrees C, and the GPU dropped by almost 40 under load, only because I cleaned the fan for dust.

    Hope this helps, cause the Bluegem-series are awesome and shouldn't be suffering from speaker distortion :)
  12. Hey in order to solve the problem with the speakers on my Acer Aspire 6935G I shutdown my pc, unplugged it from any power source, removed the battery and waited a few seconds and then put it back in. As soon as I turned my pc on again the sound was back to normal no joke, I have had this problem more than once and this always seems to solve the weird sound, sounds silly I know.

    Hope this helps :)
  13. I have the same problem Acer Aspire 6935G. Distortion on the subwoofer. I just thought it was from dust getting trapped inside or something because that's what it sounds like. Personally I prefer using seperate speakers that use a USB and headphone jack. They're cheap to buy, easy to use and eliminates the sound problem....although it would be better if Acer didn't put out faulty speakers on this line the first time. I guess that's what you get with a value brand. :pt1cable:
  14. McSorley said:

    Isn't the problem the microphone volume set to 100% here? That should stay off all the time, otherwise it can cause problems like this. The line in could eventually have caused this too, but it's less probable.
  15. I was just repairing an 6935G hardware problem, and the costumer mentioned a sound problem too. I noticed the sound distortion but it was gone after dissassembled part of the chassis/palmrest. I believed it was due to the sound vibration on the case, but after removing the subwoofer I noticed the silicone ring on the speaker itself more than half loose. That's the end of this mistery I think.

    It's an assembling problem, as upon inspection I could see how badly glued the ring was. On most of it you can't even see any glue at all. I performed some "surgery" on it, placing some epoxy glue around the edges, and I have it drying now.
  16. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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