Will this RAM work with my Motion LE 1700?

Hi, I have a Motion Computing LE1700 1.2 GHz Core Solo U1400 Tablet.

4GB DDR2 667MHz SDRAM (2GBx2)

And I want to know if this RAM will work:

2GB (2048MB) PC5300 DDR2 667MHz SO-DIMM 200 Pin

I made my research and it looks green, but I'm no expert.

Thank you!
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  1. Anyone?
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    "Base RAM: 2GB 667MHz DDR2 memory with Dual Channel memory support
    - Upgradeable to a maximum of 4GB"

    So yes, it will. Your original RAM is PC5300 667MHz, as is the replacement RAM. According to the Motion Computing specs it is supported.
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