How do you fix a code 31

My yahoo web cam is not working, I can see "them" but "they" can't see me. How do fix it. when i went to device manager the only corrupted device is: isatap.{F8FF69F2-553A-4CC8-8D5E-DFE553845342}it says "this device is not working properly because Windows connot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)Does this have anything to do with it? how do i fix both these problems? I have a hp vista.
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  1. What HP? A laptop? A desktop? Model? Be specific!

    You probably need to download and reinstall the drivers for your webcam. Should be somewhere on HP's site.
  2. I have a laptop. It's not the webcam that came with the laptop, it's the one i downloaded from yahoo messenger. I donn't know how to set the hp web cam up to use it. so i use the yahoo messenger.
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