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will this work with standard comcast cable and an xbox 360?

Last response: in Home Theatre
June 11, 2007 8:34:32 AM

Basic cable will work with the TV provided they get a cable box with the service that has the RCA red, white, yellow composite cable output. Every cable box that I have seen has these so that should not be an issue. I am sure that you could always just contact the cable company and get a box.

If they will not let you get a cable box for you standard cable, you can try and use an old VCR as a converter box that will take the Coaxial connection and allow you to output it to the composite signal the TV needs. (I have not tested this last idea and don't know if it will work. I have only done the reverse, but it was successful)
June 11, 2007 8:43:58 PM

You're right; that TV doesn't have a built-in tuner.
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