How can I change my printer IP address to new range

I've changed my internet provider and the provided router uses a different range from my old one. The printer (OKI M361) needs a fixed IP. How can I change it back to DHCP so the new router can detect it and I can make it permanent?
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    Have you tried re-running the printer's setup to connect it to the new router?
  2. There should be some settings in the setup menu for tcp-ip and you should be able to change it there. You will probably have to look at the manual for the printer.
  3. So, your computer is using DHCP, but your printer is statically configured for a different IP address range. I looked on OkiData's website, but couldn't find a printer called an M361, so I'm going to assume that your printer has an embedded web server that you can access to change its configuration. Here are some general steps to connect to your printer:

    1. Configure your computer to use an IP address in the same subnet as your printer. To do this in Windows 7 click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing center. On the left-hand side, click Change adapter settings. Right-click on the network adapter you use to connect to your network and click properties. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) protocol and click Properties. Change the setting to "use the following IP address" and enter an IP address in the same subnet as your printer (but not the printer's IP address). Click OK to save your changes and close the network interface's properties window.

    2. Connect to the embedded web server on your printer by opening a browser and going to http://<your printer's ip address>. Because I couldn't find the OKI M361 on Okidata's webpage, I don't know any details beyond this. Somewhere in there you should be able to change the network configuration.

    3. Reconfigure your computer's network adapter to use DHCP by re-opening the network adapter's properties and setting both radio buttons to Obtain automatically.

    As an alternative, you could just reconfigure your new router's DHCP server to use the same subnet that your old router used and then release/renew the IP address on your computer. Then you wouldn't have to reconfigure the printer at all.

  4. trouble is, if I change the IP address on the router, then I'll have to reconfigure everything else. :-(
  5. great advice ^ - #1 is the optimal way of getting what you want accomplished with the least amount of fuss

    you might have to reboot your computer after accepting the changes and exiting the windows, if you cannot PING the printer
  6. Thanks everyone. We tried a few methods, but finally managed to hook up the old router using a LAN, turning off wireless. Then we were able to get in to change the settings to the new IP we wanted. We had to turn everything off and on a couple of times before things worked properly, but we can print from and scan to our Windows machines. The Mac can see everything, tells us the printer is busy and the optical photoconductor needs to be replaced.
    This looks like another issue and I will sleep on it.
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