putting a 5'' lcd from a gamecube into my case

I recently read an article in a pc magazine about putting a 5'' monitor from a gamecube into a computer. I liked the idea and had £20 to spare so i thought i'd give it a shot.

First problem: My LCD is different from the one in the magazine, and the wiring is different.
Solution: Can still connect it up using its own power supply and can connect it to my graphics card by its componant video port (into s-video on my gpu))

Second problem: Got it off ebay, didn't come with power lead
Solution? : i've got two ps1 leads, of the same amperage and same plug thingy size. Shouldn't be two much of a problem should it?

So i hooked everything up, connected it to my computer and didn't get any signs of life. However, when i got to the ATI catalyst and go to x1950 secondary, the option 'extended desktop comes up' - which normally doesn't so it knows that somethings there, but again no signs of life.

So the third problem: why isn't it working and what can i do to get it working?

Before you ask whether it works in the first place, it looked like new when it arrived and it has shown me a very sharp flicker when i turn the socket on and its connected.

So thanks for reading, and i hope you can help, coz if it works it'll be ace!

P.s one of the main reasons i'm doing this is because FishBoi lit a spark in me with his recent post 'Lets really use my quadcore', and i now have to do something challenging
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  1. anyone have any ideas about this?
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