How can i know how much mb of rame is in use ?

hi ,may i ask how can i know how much mb of rame is in use from this board ?

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  1. The graph under the 8 CPU graphs shows you how much memory (ram) is being used.
  2. so it is only 2.5gb thanks buddy ,but is it the full consumption of it or its need more for battlefield 3 ?? i mean of the game needs 3gb of consumption its use just 1.5 because i have 3.5gb ??
  3. It's right there on the screen: Total RAM = 3579GB, 2.51GB is in use, about 1GB is free.
  4. thnaks alot
  5. may i ask another question ,,,is there any difference betwwen 9800gt 1024mb and the 512mb ???
  6. Yes, one has twice as much video RAM as the other. They will perform mostly the same but the 1024 will work better at higher resolutions or with more graphics setting turned on than the 512.
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