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All of a sudden one day i seemed to lose alot of space on my hard drive, like 6-7 gb. I thought something was wrong so i went round all my folders and checked there sizes and it came up about 7 gigs less than windows thought. Also when i was recently installed HL2 ,steam, the program it uses, said that i had an extra 7 gb left to what windows was finding. Sometimes when i delete something me HD doesnt even change the amount of space left. I was just wondering why it was doing this.

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  1. could be that your 'trash can' hasn't been emptied. 7gb is a lot, but i know that my computer doesn't reclaim space (even after a delete) until i've emptied the trash. might give that a try.
  2. If you have Windows 2000, or Windows XP the "System Volume Information" directories which are located on each volume could be eating up the space.

    Sometimes these directories can eat large amounts of space. Generally, these directories are controlled by Windows and don't usually pose problems. There are some virus's that utilize these directories to store files. These virus are usually the ones the turn your system into an unauthorized FTP server.

    I would look at these directories and see if they are the problem. You will generally have to give yourself authority to look into them. It is NOT a wise thing to leave the authority on your account, or to give yourself udpate/write/delete authority.

    I believe for the most part these are the "Restore Point" data sets.

    As far as "fixing problems" with these directories, I don't know.
  3. thanks, that got rid of 4.5 gigs worth of system restore, i thought it was done then i had windows said i had 67gb free, but then disk cleanup found 68.7 free, so something is taking it up still but i cant find it.
  4. Have you cleaned out your temp files?

    Anyway I'd do the following things:

    Delete Temp
    Run a de-fragger
    Run CheckDisk

    Also, it could be your Pagefile

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  5. Run checkdisk BEFORE you defrag.

    As if there are any errors, entries wrong in file table, etc, defragging may overwrite the files.
  6. If you have Norton Antivirus Professional, you should check the deleted files folder here. Norton Antivirus will save your deleted Recycle Bin files in its own folder. You can delete these and reset Norton to NOT save deleted Recylce Bin files.


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