Which one of these headphones would be best?

Hey I've been looking over these forums for a couple years now and just recently I've been wanting a good pair of headphones for my PSP since I listen to mp3's a lot. I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with these headphones on helping me figure out which one would suit me best. I would prefer for the headphones to be balanced out across the spectrum but have a good punchy bass. These are the headphones I've been looking at but I need help choosing the right one. Also, as a side note I like earphones which are able to block out some noise since I would be using them to ride the bus and block out other people around me.

The first one is the Sennheiser HD-212 Pro
The second one is Sennheiser PXC-300
The third one is 6i Isolator Earphones
The fourth one is Shure SE530PTH
The last one is the Shure E4c

I would greatly appreciate it for your help on helping me pick out the right ones. Also, if you have other suggestions feel free to throw them in. Thank you for your time on helping me out.
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  1. Hi ive got the Sennheiser PXC-300. For the money il tell a they are quite worth it when compared to the shures on your list.

    i also use them along with my mp3 player and find them to have probably some of the best base ive ever heard, a bit loud and pretty tight just how i like it :P ..... when it come to the high tones though i find them abit worse :/ its bareable but it isnt very crisp and can be annoying as it can get slightly unclear resulting in abit of distotion and hurt your ears somewhat(assuming you keep em on highest volume like i do). despite this, they are still great headphones imo

    looking at the price id say they are very worth it though and should give em a try
  2. which one is the best decide on the way you use it.As i kown,Sen's headphone diin't provide a punchy bass. Human voice is his advance.
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