16GB vs. 8GB of RAM

I would like to know it the 16GB upgrade would be worth it for a MacBook Pro. I run Windows on my Mac via BootCamp(I never use Mac OS X I always run on windows), I game a fair amount, but I don't edit many photos or videos, and I don't find myself multitasking too much.


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  1. Unless your going to be doing a lot of photo editing then 8gb should be enough. Depending on the price of going from 8gb to 16gb it would be your call as to if you want to do it anyways. If you already have the laptop and when doing the multitasking and photo editing you find the computer sluggish then that would be an indication of more ram needed.
  2. Based on what you plan on doing, 4GB is enough.

    Playing a game on my Lenovo Y470 and having Firefox open with 10 tabs, I use around 2.9GB - 3.1GB of RAM.
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