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Hey guys,
Me and my friends are planning on developing a mobile app that people can use to access their cloud data. I know such apps already exist but we want to do something different but in the same domain. So i just wanted your inputs on what features would you like to see in such an app.

So please leave a comment. Also just pick the cloud service that you use. Choose multiple in case you use 2 or more.
(remember to also tick the multiple option just for logistics)
thanks and hurry! :D
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  1. I use Skydrive as my primary cloud service because I use Windows Phone and have used Dropbox on rare occasions.

    Although I am a bit biased, I think it would be a mistake not to include Microsoft's Skydrive because it will be used by all future Microsoft products. Just my2 cents. :-)

    Your project looks interesting, though. I whish you the best of luck.
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