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Anyone have the Ballistix Tracer mem chips yet? Just a wee bit curious as to the intensity of the leds used. The Hard News bit had a lowball price versus what was actually advertised on the Crucial <A HREF="" target="_new">website.</A>

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  1. You know what bugs me? These modules don't show actual RAM activity like the XMS Pro modules. I've used my XMS Pro modules to diagnose boot problems on other systems! That's because they show exactly how the memory was being used when the system stops, via their LED's. You can tell for example if a failed POST was caused by a system hang (the LED's remain lit at the last patern), a lack of response by the CPU (the LED's go off), or failed video (The system is still working and the LED's show it). Ballistix Tracers don't work like a "ram gauge".

    On the other hand, Ballistix supports some stellar timings, my PC4000 Ballistix can do 2-2-2-5 at PC3500 speed for example, and 2.5-3-3-8 at PC4000 speed.

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