Will Diablo 2 run at 19' widescreen Lcd monitor?

im planning to buy a 19" widescreen LCD monitor that will run 1200X(xxx-forgot the resolution).

my question would be, since D2 runs at 800x600, will it play smoothly, or VIEW it nicely at FULL SCREEN ? even if the screen ratio and resolution is a mismatch ? thanks alot!

PS: diablo 2 only has a 800x600 res, it cant be changed
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  1. I think you can put in a few command line prompters into the target...change
    res to 1280x1024
  2. I don't play fullscreen, it's ugly.

    I usually use d2loader and run it in windows mode, the color looks awesome that way, and it's nice for muleing items to yourself with 3-4 d2 running.
  3. So if you have a wide screen monitor and can play an older game in windowed mode, it does not stretch. I have been wondering how the older game look on a wide screen monitor, or rather, what is the best way to play them. Having everything stretched does not seem appealing.
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