sb live 5.1 value attaching to case front panel

Hey guys i got 2 ports in my case at the front
1 for a mic and one for speakers
lately iev been needing these 2 ports as a easy access to plug in my headphones

i have a sb live 5.1 value (nothign special)
i noticed there a big lay of pins and i knwo those pins were used for a panel sb live rleased as a limited offer

however i wanna hook my 2 fronts with these any1 know what pins do wat or a layout
i dunno which pins r the pins im lookin for

any1 who has done it if you coudl share with me itll be great

thankyou in advance
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  1. Search the posts in here, there's a list of what each pin does. Sorry, they're digital, your mic and phones are analog.

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