Video card problem, please help.

Alright, I have had a Geforce 4 Ti4200 for months now and after installing XP Pro Windows can't find my video card. What I mean by this is it is not listed in device manager, infact "display adapters" icon is mission all together in device manager. I have download all the latest updates for windows xp and have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. I can't install these drivers though because windows can't find my card as I mentioned. Please help if you can. Thanks a lot.
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  1. System Specifications, please?

    Clean installation, or an upgrade from Win98 or WinME?

    Have you tried going into the Control Panel, under Add/Remove Hardware, and manually adding a SVGA display adapter, and then upgrading this with the new video card drivers?

    Are you attempting to install the video card drivers with the setup.exe in the driver installation file? This is not the recommended method. Please create a new folder, right-click, and drag the compressed file that contains the driver set to the new folder, and chose to extract from the right-click menu. After installing the standard SVGA driver, go to the Device Manager (Start\Settings\Control Panel\System), choose the display adapter, right-click, go to Properties, and under the Driver tab, select Update Driver. Browse to the newly created folder that contains the extracted driver files and see if Windows properly identifies your card and installs the proper files.

    Is ACPI enabled in the BIOS?

    Do you see any error messages in the Event Logs that might show a conflict with another device? (Start\Settings\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer ... Application and System.)

    Have you tried reinstalling the operating system, or doing a repair with the WinXP CD with all PCI cards removed from the computer?


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