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I am trying to install a piece of software called Caseware IDEA into windows 7.

The software version is 7.3. It will not install as the installer states "must be on windows XP SP3 or newer" i.e. it doesn't recognise windows 7

Any ideas (cant use Virtual PC or XP mode) aside from installing Xp on a partition


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  1. Sorry. You're out of luck. You have to upgrade to version 8.3. Version 8.2 and earlier are NOT compatible with Windows 7. Comes straight from Caseware's site ->
  2. Hmmm....but this software uses HASP keys. And I only have a key for version 7.

    The new version 8 uses the HASP HL (high level) key

    Unless you know somebody who can build an emulator for HASP HL?
  3. [:isamuelson]
    I forgot one other option. Sorry about that. The other option is to run Windows XP Mode if you have Windows 7 Professional and a CPU that can do virtualization. If so, you could then install it under that and you should be good to go. Just go here to get all you need to install it ->

    If you don't have Windows 7 Professional or your CPU cannot do virtualization, then you could download either VMWare Player, Virtual PC 2007 or VirtualBox (all are free) but it requires that you have a valid copy of Windows XP to install.

    Either way will provide you with a virtual machine of Windows XP to run within Windows 7 and then you can install your program under that virtual machine and you should be good to go!
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