Samsung 226BW 'S' vs LG L226WA-BN

Hi guys,

I am debating between these two 22" LCD screens:

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW S panel: VGA input, DVI input with HDCP support, 2ms, 3000:1 dynamic contrast, 300cd/m2

LG L226WA-BN : VGA input, DVI input, HDCP support, HDMI input with Audio Out, Component input, 2ms, F-Engine, 3000:1 dynamic contrast, 300cd/m2

On paper, LG has more features (HDMI input with Audio Out, and Component input). They both boast same contrast and same response time. LG also has F-Engine (LG technology to enhance image).

Samsung 226BW S panel is an excellent panel, no doubt, but LG's L226WA-BN is among their premium line as well, making it a very difficult choice.

I currently own both of these monitors, but I can't make the choice... I have to return one of them... No budget for keeping both...

I have till Saturday June 16th (EST time) to return one of them...

Please advice.

Thanks alot!
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  1. I have experience with samsung, but the LG looks really good...
  2. dude, i'm debating the same thing. i think i'm personally going to get the LG because of the component input. sammy is good but they were ok until the S panles came out. the LG were always good.
  3. It's the ultimate question. My turn is in 2 weeks or so. I was going to get both then decide so let us know what you decided!!! I have read that another experienced user said he couldn't really tell the difference between the two. (I think you are the only other person who has looked at them side by side at home.)

    I believe the LG comes with a D-DVI cable and the stand has height adjustment which the Samsung does not.

    I was/am leaning towards the LG but I'll have to see them to decide.
  4. I will wait for the 226cw, personally.
  5. I'd go LG, just because I hate Samsung after my 3 month saga trying to get a BW that remotely resembles a quality monitor (only on my second severly flawed monitor - Samsung took 45 days to send me the first replacement, and now on day 27 of waiting for the second). I'm sure the S is great, and kudos for getting one, but I'd love nothing more for samsung to give me my money back and we both go separate ways.
  6. i can't see the results. what are they?
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