Best 42" Plasma TV!!!

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  1. The Panasonic.
  2. Is there any technical reason it's better?....better contrast..etc.
  3. For plasma's according to all of the Consumer Reports reviews, the Panasonic's
    have always been near the top, and Samsung mid to lower pack. Don't go by
    contrast ratio's. Manufacturer's don't use a set standard so it's not really comparable.

    If I were you I'd try to check both those, or similar models from both manufacturer's,
    in a store to compare. Everyone's tastes in what makes for a good picture are different.
  4. I saw both of them at Fry's - the Samsung has much better color, but the panasonic has better sharpness....the panasonic's sound was also much better....
  5. If you get a chance to go back, mess around with the settings menu. Get a
    setting you like on both, then compare. No telling how many people have
    played with them. Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier.
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