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WinXP doesnt see my hard drive

Last response: in Storage
December 3, 2004 8:06:17 PM

Got a new problem...
I've got 2 hard drives (120GB + 80GB). 80GB is my primary IDE drive & the 120GB is my slave (used for storage purposes). They're both on IDE1. Everything was fine and dandy for months, but I recently decided to format my 80GB hard drive, so I did a full format and reinstalled Windows XP, but now when Windows loads up, it only sees the 80GB drive, but not the 120GB drive under My Computer. Under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management, I'm able to see the drive there, but there's no drive letter assigned to it and the only option I'm given to perform on it is to delete the partition. Under other circumstances, I don't have a problem formatting the 120GB, but I have 100GB of important stuff on there that I'd like to keep, so formatting or deleting the partition are not an option. Now I've formatted my 80GB drive many times before and reinstalled Windows XP, and everytime it normally detect both drives. My biggest concern is retrieving the data from the hard drive. I've tried installing Windows on the 120GB hard drive, but it says that it doesn't recognize the partition and suggests deleting the partition and installing Windows on the unpartitioned space. I've tried IDE2 as well as another ribbon. I've also tried restoring an entire drive image (Norton Ghost) to the 80GB, a drive image which contains WinXP which has been able to see the 120GB drive before. Any idea on how I can access my data to back it up on CDs or better yet, to get the Windows XP to see my drive?
December 6, 2004 12:47:25 AM

Might not be a basic drive, in that case if its not you are pretty screwed with regards to keeping that data. I had that issue once had to drop the drive into a 2k box to retrieve then format it and copy everything over again.

Otherwise the drive could be dead or there could be a driver issue.


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December 6, 2004 9:29:42 PM

Actually I just used data recovery software to recover ALL my data from the 120GB drive to the 80GB drive, then I did a quick format and now Windows normally reads the drive and everything is fine and dandy. :) 
December 9, 2004 6:45:37 PM

:p  gl;ad it worked out for you man, im about to switch my 200gig maxtor to storage and add in a raptor, but ive burned everything off C: already just in case something crazy goes on like the problem u had!!!