<9.4ms SATA or <8.3 UltraATA

I was thinking of upgrading to an SATA hard drive. I currently have a Hitachi Deskstar, Ultra ATA 100, 8.5ms seek time. I was thinking of getting a Maxtor SATA drive (Model # LO1M060) which has a seek time of 9.3ms.

With the slower seek time, will I see any improvement with SATA drive? I know SATA has a higher bandwidth, but I heard that hard drives can't really sustain transfer rates of 100 mb/sec, much less 150 mb/sec. Is there anything else I'm missing?

The motherboard I have does have SATA support.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. You're missing nothing. SATA doesn't provide more actual bandwidth. It has a greater peak theoretical bandwidth, but there aren't any drives that can take advantage of it. Just like you said.

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