LED Displays worth the wait?

As the topic states, are LED displays really worth the wait? I mean, other than the whole, LEDs last longer, blah blah blah.

I was considering getting a bigger display, but was looking over some of the CES 2007 events and saw some topics about LED displays.

Can you guys give me some more input?!
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  1. LCD monitors with LED backlight are the wave of the future apparently.

    Current LCD monitors uses Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) to light the display from behind. They eventually become darker the more the LCD monitor is on. LED lights can supposedly last thousands of hours with only minimal lost of brightness. LCD monitors using LED backlight should also have a wider color gamut than current CCFL lit monitors; meaning a wider color range.

    The one disadvantage of an LCD with LED backlighting is the cost. I recall seeing a 20.1" LCD with a S-PVA panel and LED backlight selling for around $3,500. That's about 10 times more expensive than a 20.1" LCD with a S-PVA using conventional CCFL backlighting.

    So when will LED backlighting be competitively priced vs conventional CCFL backlighting (like only $100 difference)? That's hard to answer, but it will be several years to come. The primarly target of such displays will be for graphics designers and photo editors, or anyone who demands the widest color range and is willing to pay the premium for it.
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