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I have some old VHS video tapes that are rare and hard to get, I was wondering what the best way to dump them onto a DVD would be ?

That way I can use the DVD copies and not risk damaging the orginal VHS copies is all.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Get a capture card. Then simply plug your VCR into your computer. Then
    you'll have a file on you're computer that you can do whatever you want
    with, including burning a DVD.

    Capture cards can be easily had for $25-50 online for basic VCR stuff.
  2. The easiest way to get a DVD/VCR recorder. Just put the VCR into the machine and insert a blank DVD and record. Got my wife a Panasonic for Christmas and works great. A side benefit is there are any TV shows you want to record and keep, you can record them to DVDs. As KingLoftusXII said you can get a capture card and software, which is good if you want to edit the tapes or have an analogue camcorder but it's time consuming and if you have a lot of tapes, will take a really long time. The above is the best way if you just want to copy them. You can get a decent machine for less than $200. Depending on your computer you could put as much in it just to capture and burn given the capture card, software, storage, etc. Also it's best not to do anything else on the computer when capturing, rendering, and burning so you either do it over night or use a second computer
  3. I just bought a Dvd recorder with a/v inputs and I have put all my minidv tapes from my video camera on it and a few vhs tapes. works great for recording shows and it only cost $80
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