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Hi all!

I'm kind new to all of this, and maybe this is the wrong section to post this question, but here goes anyway:

I "recently" bought a Dell XPS m1710 laptop with the screen "17" UltraSharp Wide Screen WUXGA (1920 x 1200)" and GeForce Go 7950 GTX. Now everything looks great and I love the laptop, but I recently began to wonder if just because I run stuff at 1920x1200 or other resolution if that means that it will be HD quality. Now I tried to check with my settings and read on the net, but I didn't find a lot of info about this... I have a plasma tv (720p) and playing x360 games on it is great, it looks awesome... And running games on this machine at 1920x1200 also looks great, but I can't tell if its HD or not :s I have checked my drivers to see if there are any HD settings or anything like that, but can't find anything without having to plug my tv to the laptop.

So what I am wondering if anyone knows if my screen supports HD and if just running stuff at HD resolution if that enables HD. Is it even possible to get HD quality on a laptop?

Sorry if this all seems stupid, I hope you guys can help me out anyway :)

Thanks guys!
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  1. An HD device is simply something that can display or send a signal that is 720p or greater. 720p is 1080x720 progressive scan and in wide screen format.

    All computer monitors are progressive scan. Thus if you have a monitor that is wide screen format and has at least a resolution of 1080x720 then you are using it in high-def. Playing Quake3 at 1080x720p is technically playing the game in HD. It does not have the same texture resolution as an Xbox360 or PS3 though. HD simply stands for High Definition.

    Your monitor will be able to play HD quality video without a problem. You may have issues playing HDCP movies on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD if your monitor and video card in your laptop are not HDCP compliant. Look in your manual or ask the laptop's technical service provider if they can give you an answer if it is HDCP compliant or not. Don't install any next-gen drives if your laptop is not HDCP compliant. It would be a waste of money.

    If you need more clarification just reply and let me know.
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