New Display Technology MUST SEE

I must say that I was totally blown away by this new display technology. I can't really describe it, so everyone should just look for themselves.

Linkage. (Video) (Video) (Text interview/Video) (Video interview with demonstration) (Multi-Touch tech homepage)

I'm already drooling over getting one of these systems for the home! Good news is that they're already shipping these systems for large institutions so with demand as huge as it is, it hopefully won't be long to shrink them down for regular consumers. :)

Edited for clarity.
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  1. Any thoughts?

    Is it old news or something? Haven't seen anything about this anywhere before so I thought I'd share.
  2. bump
  3. Wicked :)

    Now take their tech and add it to this tech and you've got one hell of a workstation :D
  4. Thanks for the link! That video is indeed incredible. Got me to thinking that with enough pictures you could literally go anywhere in the world with that system. :)

    Thanks for the reply too! For a bit I thought I was crazy or something, that I was the last person to hear about that Perceptive Pixel tech.
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