Hard Drive Cache Buffer

All other things being equal, how much effect, if any, does an 8 MB Cache buffer improve things over a 2 MB cache buffer on a HDD? Just wondering, since I'll be upgrading my HDD.

Thanks a lot.

--Bob Harris
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  1. A little.

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  2. a 16mb cache on the 7200rpm Maxline III drives bring them up to competive levels with some supiorer compared to the Raptor 10k drives.

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  3. Well, I guess a little is better than nothing! :)

    Thanks for your reply, Crashman

  4. So, in the end, if one is buying a new hard drive, it makes sense to pop a bit more cash and get a bigger cache. In my case, I use some applications that lean on the disk heavily on occasion. It sounds like a bigger cache might shorten some of the wait times.

    Thanks a lot for your reply to my question. It's appreciated.

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