buying Dell overseas with Vista?

I'm currently overseas and thinking of buying a notebook whilst..

if I buy from any Asians Dell, and say they don't provide english Windows Vista and give me non-english Windows Vista,
afaik, we can change display (UI) languages to english or any other languages by downloading from windows updates.. is that right?

so I think it's not really a problem..... or is it?
but with the OS OEM dvd on non-english, it means I need to download english language update from windows updates everytime I reinstall my notebook?

need some advices here..
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  1. I's contact Dell sale support. At least for tech support, and likely sales support, they have a chat set up where you can talk to a real person on line. I've used Dell's once for my wife's laptop and used it for other products and it's really quick an usually you get good answers.
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