My SSD and HDD problem

Let me start off by saying IF YOU HAVE A NEW COMPUTER AND YOU ARE BUILDING IT AND using an SSD with an HDD REMEMBER TO UNPLUG IT WHILE INSTALLING WINDOWS 7. Well as you can imagine, I didn't. It looked like it only installed Windows 7 on the SSD but not in the long run it didn't. So I started out just fine, installing my games, installing my most used applications, using the HDD with SSD and I was happy. Then one day I put my computer to sleep for the first time. Two hours later I start it up, my friends are on and I they ask me to put up a server I run. So I did, but I was going to backup it up. Since this game has a LONG loading screen I installed it on my SSD. Well I take the stuff on the SSD and I put it on the HDD and then I see copying 255GB! I FLIPPED OUT! I mean 255GB on a 120GB SS????? How could this be??? So I went into the folder right-clicked then clicked properties, and well it said it was 255GB? I couldn't understand so I looked around everything it seemed was 100x its original value. My RAM said it was 800GB even though it was only 8Gb that I installed. So I contacted Microsoft Customer Support after searching online. At first he thought it was a simple error, then it was a virus, then he said there was some link between the HDD and SSD that was causing this. So if anyone knows the fix to the 100x problem please share here. If not THE SOLUTION IS REINSTALL WINDOWS!!!!!
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  1. Did u run a virus scan? what the result?

    Also is the windows updated?

    ps: u could really use ENTER...
  2. rdc85 said:
    Did u run a virus scan? what the result?

    Also is the windows updated?

    ps: u could really use ENTER...

    Sorry about that rdc85, I am new to this forum stuff and since I have been reading so many I thought, might as well post some.

    Yes I ran a virus scan, I have norton 360 premier edition, I also ran something under the name of SUPERantispyware I believe it was named.

    RESULTS: All negative except for some tracking cookies.

    Windows is FULLY updated to the most recent version.

    It was very confusing and I appreciate your help.

    P.S. It started after I put the computer into sleep mode for the third time. But this time it was 2 hours long compared to the 5minutes version.
  3. Try MalwareBytes and see if that gives you any results, I have not used or really heard of SUPERAntispyware before.
  4. Superantispyware's pretty good, but go with malwarebytes
  5. Actually it because my English was so-so (bad actually) so it hard to read if the word cramped :D

    back to topic..

    Is it hinders the windows to boot/work properly? (except of the error reading size)

    after shut down and restart (cold boot) it still happen ? There some issue with win7 sleep mode but some windows update had fix it..
  6. Okay So I figured out the solution to this problem a long time ago but when i logged back in recently, I saw it unanswered so might as well help out anyone who stumbles across this problem.

    The problem lies in the registry. I cannot remember the exact line but it has to do something with an International Decimal Key, it must be set to 1 or something along those lines or it will not function correctly.
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