Telstra USB Internet - Can you share it via router?

Hello, I have an 8GB Telstra 4G wireless USB that I'd like to share with other laptops in my family. They want me to cancel my plan and get a new one which is dumb as I would then have to pay 12months cancellation fees on top and delivery and setup on the new one. Anyway, does anybody make a router that will work with a USB internet device?
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  1. All wireless routers must be connected by ADSL cable to a broadband-enabled phone line, or, if it's just a wireless router (no modem) must be connected by CAT cable to a modem which is connected to a broadband cable service or phone line.

    Your Telstra 4G wireless USB adapter uses your phone network, not the type of wireless standard that a wireless router uses which is 802.11

    The bottom line is you cannot use a wireless router with your Telstra 4G wireless USB device.
  2. Thanks Phill22 that's what I was afraid of.
  3. Sorry to dig up an older thread but yes you can. I have Telstra (Bigpond) 4G USB wireless internet and I use one of these to use WiFi around my house. Also has an ethernet connection on the back which I plug my PS3 into. Cost me about $69 I seem to remember.

    Hope you've not already cancelled your contract :S
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