USB Card Reader and SCSI on same machine

I recently purchased a SimpleTech USB dual-card reader. On paper it appearst to be a great product: usb connectivity, assigns drive letters to each slot (compact flash & smart media slots), provides dual media capapbilities, yadda yadda.

Unfortunately when installing this product on a machine that also has SCSI drives causes a Windows Protection Error upon bootup. Disconnecting the SCSI drives from the control alleviates the problem and the system boots and the card reader works.

I contacted SimpleTech Tech Support and they told me it is apparently an issue with the ASPI manager used for the card reader conflicting with the separate ASPI manager used for my SCSI equipment.

One tech suggested using hardware profiles which does not work. The exception error remains regardless of whether the hardware is disabled in a particular profile.

A second tech said there's no workaround, the equipment cannot co-exist. I'm anxiously awaiting a return phone call form the tech support and/or design engineer.

I've search the Internet and can find no mention of this issue with any card reader products.

Does anyone have any suggestions, experience, etc?
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  1. what o/s are you using? Using 2K I find regular issues with USB smartmedia readers. I now seem to be fairly stable.

    Step 1 - make sure you have any mobo bios updates for your USB.

    Step 2 - patch 2K to the latest everything.

    Step 3 - Delete the reader from device manager (you may need to boot into safemode to do this) Reboot again and reinsert - see step 4 for driver selection.

    Step 4 - don't accept the default driver when you install the reader - see if there are options - sometimes the manufacturer driver supports more than 1 device and Windows get's kinda dumb. *Sometimes* the best driver can be the default Microsoft mass storage driver, although on my Ratoc SM-R3 that's not the case.

    Good luck,


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  2. I've run into this same problem on two differnet PCs.

    ASUS P3W mobo
    Tekram 315U PCI SCSI
    Various SCSI drives

    Win98 (not SE)
    ABIT BH6 mobo
    Tekram 315U PCI SCSI
    Plextor 32x CD-ROM

    Simpletech confirmed the incompatibility with the SCSI ASPI driver. They just haven't provided a fix... well, haven't provided me with a damn return phone call to be honest.

    The first tech I spoke to suggested nobody uses SCSI so it wasn't that big of a deal. Seems like short sighted design and test planning to me.
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